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Floristic shows 2019

Floristic PRÊT-À-PORTER Autumn - Winter 2019

A sophisticated collection of floristic inspirations, presenting the latest trends and original arrangements. This spectacular floristic show was hosted by Maciej Krzus, a master florist who is famous for modern solutions and original imagination.

Whereas the Lower Silesian School Complex in Jawor under Maciej Krzus presented the skills of his best students. Viewers could enjoy unconventional arrangements and fresh ideas.

Sponsors: VHV Flowers and Greens, Royal Flowers, M-box, Plastiflora

Maciej Krzus, Lower Silesian School Complex in Jawor


Floral enchantment. Trends

A unique and exciting floristic show, which charmed not only viewers, but also the most demanding customers of each florist. Straight from the Netherlands - the cradle of floristic trends - Hans Zijlstra, titled master of floristry, with an impressive portfolio of achievements on the international stage and many years of experience in running an award-winning florist, will present a wealth of the latest inspirations, floristic artistry and masterful technique.

Sponsors: Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, VHV Flowers and Greens, Royal Flowers

Hans Zijlstra (the Netherlands)


Florists 3R, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The latest edition of floristic trends, based on the use of the "3 R" principle in florists, which promotes care for the environment by minimizing waste, reusing and processing plant material and raw materials. Presenting this important topic and creative proposals for applying these principles in the creative work of a florist is an important element in the awareness of modern and economic florists and their customers. The show was hosted by Luiza and Mateusz Janeczek, excellent florists from the Badylarz florist, who naturally and colorfully pursues pro-ecological trends in the style and everyday work of a florist.

Sponsor: Royal Flowers

Luiza i Mateusz Janeczek, Florist Badylarz


Flower Force

"The power of flowers" delights with a variety of shapes, rich colors and strong contrasts, and exudes extraordinary energy. This impressive, full of impressions floristic show on behalf of the Association of Polish Florists was led by Zygmunt Sieradzan - one of the best known and titled florists in the Polish flower industry, whose unique style and craftsmanship is appreciated all over the world.

Sponsors: Association of Polish Florists, Royal Flowers

Zygmunt Sieradzan, Association of Polish Florists


Home garden. A house in the garden

A unique marriage of potted and garden plants used in stylish interiors, terraces and gardens. The most fashionable stylizations and various ideas of arranging plants in original pots and dishes were presented by excellent florists and outstanding mentors of the Postgraduate Studies in Floristry - the Art of Flower Arrangement. The show also perfectly emphasized the huge role and power of plants in our environment.

Sponsors: Victorum, Clematis Źródło dobrych Pnączy, Ulińscy Nursery

Ewa Skutnik, Julita Rabiza-Świder, Anna Mojska, Ewa Bugaj
Postgraduate Studies in Floristry - the Art of Flower Arrangement


Colors, boxes, bouquets

A creative floristic show delighting with an impressive palette of flower colors, an artistic approach to forms in floral compositions and a unique installment of unusual bouquets. Magdalena Kaczmarek-Sidor and Majka Pisula presented fresh ideas and masterful performance.

Sponsors: VHV Flowers and Greens, Royal Flowers, M-box

Magdalena Kaczmarek-Sidor i Maja Pisula
Warszawianki Event Florists


Thursday, 19 December 2019