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Exams at the florist school and work presentation

Postgraduate Studies in Floristry - The Art of Flower Arrangement, WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES

Students were asked to perform 4 compositions in a strictly defined time under the watchful eye of the judges.

The first work was a large floristic form, which this year's theme "World of the tropics" referred to the use of plants from warm climate zones, most often grown in our house as potting for interior decoration.
Another jobs were a wedding bouquet and table decoration.
The last task is a bouquet tied in hand.

egzamin florystyczny

All works were evaluated in individual categories, and the idea, color, composition and technique used were taken into account.

The main theme made the students refer to the most important element of the composition - the plant - every fragment of it, from the root, through interesting shoots, to various flowers and fruits.

The main characters were cut flowers and green additions, potted plants, including epiphytes, whose homeland is tropical rainforests were also presented.


Postgraduate Studies in Floristry - The Art of Flower Arrangement have been conducted for 16 years at the Department of Ornamental Plants at the Faculty of Horticulture, Biotechnology and Landscape Architecture WARSAW UNIVERSITY OF LIFE SCIENCES. During this time, 213 people were promoted.

Studies are directed to university graduates of all faculties (with bachelor's, engineer's and master's degree). Classes take place in a cycle of 10 3-day conventions (Friday-Sunday) once a month. At each congress there are classes in plant science, composition principles, post-physiology and practical classes covering all issues related to the design and creation of plant compositions, from occasional bouquets through large forms, wedding bouquets to composition in the dish. Christmas, funeral arrangements and the use of potted plants are also made.

Classes end with a theoretical and practical exam combined with an exhibition of works - this year at FLOWER EXPO POLAND and GREEN IS LIFE.