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Year-round tunnels

Year-round tunnels:

The shorter growing season and the seasonality of selected plant species do not have to be an impassable obstacle on the way to optimizing cultivation.

The premise of this type of structure is to create optimal conditions for plant grown, isolated from weather conditions. This results in a natural extension of the production cycle, which in practice means a more abundant harvest.

Optimal conditions also mean faster growth - saving time can prove invaluable, especially in the context of large-scale commercial cultivation.

At the same time, this solution ensures a lot of flexibility in cultivation planning. It means that the user can precisely control the moment of harvest, which allows adjustment to periods when highest demand is expected (especially important in flower cultivation).

The B100SG model is a 10-meter wide construction.

The B100SG foil block presented below is undoubtedly a model construction with equally impressive parameters.

Two aisles, each 50-meter long, is definitely a huge space for management. The total area is as much as 1000 m2.

The roof, sides and gable walls are covered with 200 µm Super Cristal double foil .

In addition, the sliding aluminum doors are covered with colorless polycarbonate.

Proper air exchange is ensured by the upper ventilation system that each aisle is equipped with. The ventilator is three meters wide, and the ventilators are controlled by a motorized system.