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INTERPLAST Plastic Product Sp. z o.o.

production pots and containers decorative pots and containers


Producer of the following plastic goods:
- wide range of flower-pots and containers for professional growers and nurseries of capacity ranging from 0,08 up to 65 litres,
- decorative flower-pots - hanging baskets, plant bowls,
- printed flower pots,
- transport trays for flower-pots,
- crates, floor plates and other accessories for gardening.
As a distributor provides also:
- nursery containers of capacity from 90 litres up to 1000 litres,
- seed and transport trays.
The  company  cooperates  with  distributors  in  Poland  and  other  European countries.

Dear Customers and Cooperators of IPP Sp. z o.o.

We would like to kindly inform you that on 09/09/2020 our company has become part of the Dutch Desh Plantpak group. Desh Plantpak B.V. acquired shares in Interplast Plastic Products Sp. z o.o. and acquired the assets of its sister company - IPP Holland B.V ..

Desch, which has its headquarters in Waalwijk, the Netherlands, is one of Europe's leading manufacturers of pots and containers, shipping and marketing trays, seed and propagation trays, and bedding plant packaging for the professional horticulture sector. Desch Plantpak also produces a range of premium injection moulded decorative pots, hanging pots, bowls and accessories, better known under the brand name EPLA. Desch is a leader in sustainable production, and invests in reducing energy consumption and biobased polymers. Together, Desch and IPP own more than 70 injection moulding machines, spread over production centres in the UK, the Netherlands and Poland. The company has more than 300 employees and a combined turnover of around € 80 million, including thermoforming.

We hope that the inclusion of IPP in the Desh Plantpak group will positively affect our further cooperation, the terms of which remain unchanged, and will help us to offer all customers new, innovative and competitive products, tailored to the requirements of a changing market.

Yours faithfully,





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