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The seminar attracted a great deal of attention – gathering more than 200 people involved in the trade, mainly owners and employees of the horticultural centers, plant sales points and DIY reps. It started with the inauguration of the Horticultural Business Academy - a series of training courses for horticultural centers. Jarosław Olewicz, publisher of “Biznes Ogrodniczy”, drew attention to the emotions that build trust and relationships in business, ultimately responsible for purchasing decisions of customers.
Dr. Marek Borowiński – “Shop Doctor” - presented sales from the client's perspective, taking into account the most up-to-date, industry trends. He presented and interpreted consumer research on active customer groups and indicated how to put the knowledge to use.
There were also presentations of the latest watering and irrigation systems from Hozelock and lectures on expositions discussed by Katarzyna Łazucka-Cegłowska.
All the speakers emphasized that we have a consumer market and the better we get to know it, the better offer we can prepared for it!




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