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The rules for participation in this year competition will be available after 1st July


The Polish Nurserymen Association is the Organizer of the Competition.
The technical contractor of work associated with conducting the Competition is the Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o.o.

The subject of the Competition are trees, shrubs, climbers, subshrubs and perennials from climactic zones USDA 1-7b.

The purpose of the Competition is the promotion of new plants.
The exhibited plants should be 'new', that is, their production should be just underway, cultivation in Poland is fairly recent, or they are being produced after a long interruption. They cannot be plants submitted in prior New Plant Competitions. The appearance of a plant submitted to the competition should not be modified using chemical agents.

The competition aims to extensively promote new and interesting varieties of trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials. Participation in the competition brings a number of benefits associated with the promotion of novelty plant varieties, as well as recognition of the exhibitors and their businesses. Portraits of plants, along with information about the entity that submits a plant in the competition, are posted on Polish Nurserymen Association website and, visited by more than 600 thousand users per month. New products are promoted in various gardening magazines, also in the form of inserts, as well as via social media. 

In accordance with the competition rules, new varieties mean taxa that are just being brought to production and/or they are being produced in Poland fairly recently, or after a long interruption. Plant varieties submitted in prior Plant Novelties Competitions cannot be the subject of the Competition.
Specific requirements and other details, as well as eligibility terms are set forth in the Rules.


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