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Rosa BORNEO ODORE ‘Intercomgarf’ PBR

Rosa BORNEO ODORE Intercomgarf materialy konkursu roslin nowosci zszp

A variety from the group of floribunda roses. A low, compact shrub with an upright habit growing up to 60-80 cm in height. Straight, raised, spiked shoots covered with dark green leaves. Large, double pink flowers, reminiscent of peonies, intensely fragrant. Wide, shell-shaped petals, dark pink on the inside, on the other side lighter. Flowering is abundant and long-lasting, and the flowers form from June until late autumn.
The plant is recommended for cultivation on fertile, loamy, humus, permeable soils. Requires sunny positions. Moderate frost resistance (zone 6a - 6b).Rose recommended for planting in home gardens and public greenery, suitable for cut flowers.

Breader: A cultivar bred by Interplant Roses B.V. introduced to the market in 2017..

Applicant: Szkółka Krzewów Ozdobnych Bogdan HAJDROWSKI, Mników 290, 32-084 Morawica, Poland