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Cercis canadensis Carolina Sweetheart materialy konkursu roslin nowosci zszp

Small tree growing up to 3-4 m tall with decorative, multi-colored and variegated leaves. Broad habit, loose crown. Leaf blades are large, cordate, in numerous shades of white, pink, purple and green, set on long, pinkish purple petioles. These colors are mainly found on young leaves, also in the form of interwoven streaks, dots and patches. The leaves turn green late in the summer. Pink flowers develop together with leaves at the turn of April and May, gathered in bunches. The flowers are formed directly on trunks and boughs as well as on the young shoots.
The plant requires warm and sheltered positions, sunny to semi-shady, neutral to alkaline soil, average fertility and moderately moist. Frost resistant cultivar (zone 5b).Original tree recommended for planting in the home gardens and estates, in exposed places and in compositions with plants with dark foliage.

Breader: Bred by Thomas Raney at the University of North Carolina, released to the US market in 2014.
Applicant: Szkółkarstwo Ozdobne OLSZEWSCY, ul. Strażacka 20, 42-262 Poczesna, Poland