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29th GREEN IS LIFE Exhibition & FLOWER EXPO POLAND 1-3 September 2022

at EXPO WARSZAWA XXI, 12/14 ul. Prądzyńskiego., Warsaw

Please take note of the information below.  This will facilitate your organization, ensure order and safety for you and visitors alike during the GREEN IS LIFE Exhibition & FLOWER EXPO POLSKA.

  1.  Please attend to all matters regarding your participation in the Exhibition by 26 August 2022. We cannot guarantee smooth office functions during the Exhibition week itself (1-4 September) because we are moving temporarily to the EXPO XXI site
  1. Opening hours of Exhibition.

1.09.2022 (Thursday)     –  9.00 - 17.00

2.09.2022 (Friday)           – 9.00 - 17.00.

3.09.2022 (Saturday)     – 9.00 - 16.00.

Fair address: EXPO XXI, ul. Prądzyńskiego 12/14, Warszawa

 The ceremonial opening of exhibition will take place on Thursday –September 1st at 10.00  in the main hall. The awards in the Novelty Plant Competition will be given at opening ceremony. The competition for the most attractive stand will be announced on Friday in the morning and the awards (Wawrzyny) will be delivered to winning stands. Info about competitions can be found at


  1.  Montage. Stands can be installed starting on Wednesday August 31st, between 8.00-22.00. (large size exhibits may be installed until 16.00). In case of very big stands or stands with complex structures please contact us to set an individual installation time. . Installation and assembly work can be extended only, after obtaining permission of Organizer and the Owner of EXPO XXI Centre. The cost to extend work hours is 200 € per each started hour up to midnight and 750 € for each hour afterwards.
  1. Dismantling. Dismantling of the stand will take place on Saturday, September 3rd, between 16.00-22.00. (in case of big exhibits until noon on Sunday, September 4th ). Dismantling of stands before the Exhibition closes at 16.00 on 3th September 2022 is strictly forbidden! Lorries that arrive before the closing of exhibition will be directed to side parking on Prądzyńskiego street. Please don’t block access to EXPO XXI and please obey stated dates.
  1. Ids .Your company name will be printed on IDs - 3 piece. In the case of higher demand, please request by e-mail — the cost 3 €/piece.
  1. Registration at the Exhibition. Upon arrival to the exhibition on August 31st please register at the Organizer Office (BIURO ORGANIZATORA) in Main Hall of EXPO. You will receive all materials prepared specially for exhibitors, including parking cards and Ids . Temporary IDs will be provided for persons hired to install and take down stands valid only for the time frame of this work . We remind you that only people with IDs (exhibitor or temporary) provided by Organizer can be present at the Exhibition area. Parking charges during stand installation and dismantling work will cost:

          — 3 PLN per each started hour for passenger cars,

          — 3 PLN per each started hour for trucks up to 4 hours, and above that time 20 PLN per hour.

  1. Parking. Parking cards ordered by Exhibitors or bought at the entrances to the parking area have designated spots during the fair. A parking card is activated by the first entry to or exit from the parking area. Every entry/exit is held in the card’s memory, thus there is one card for each vehicle. . On the area of EXPO you have to obey the General Rules of the Road. Please park cars properly so vehicles remain within their designated spots. . To ensure parking spots to everyone, , please follow the instructions obey the indications and orders of parking service. No trucks (above 3,5 t) are allowed to park next to Exhibition Halls during the exhibition (1-3 September 2022). Parking violations will be subject to fines according to the Rules of the Road.
  1. Guest invitations . We encourage you to invite your customers and co-workers to the Exhibition. Entrance is free of charge to industry guests subject to registration at (click on “registration2022” at the top of the page  One should go to Exhibition handing confirmation of registration to Point of Registration (Punkt Rejestracji) which is located in main hall of EXPO. The registration may be made on site as well. Previous registration on the website of Exhibition will shorten time of expecting for name badge working like a 3-days ticket. At the days for Professionals — 1-2 September the ticket’s price is 50 PLN, discounted 25 PLN.
  1. Exhibition program . You can participate in accompanying events dedicated for professionals as some of the lectures are in English. This is the last moment to register. The full program for the Exhibition may be found at
  1. Cocktails. Cocktails will be served on Thursday, 1 September between 17.15 and 20.00., in hall C at EXPO XXI. We cordially invite all exhibitors.
  1. Forklift. Forklift services are available on the grounds of EXPO XXI by ExpoSped Sp. z o.o. or Netlog. Orders and payments for this service are made directly to the service provider. For more information and prices- please contact:

          ExpoSped  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.;, +48 504 130 293

          Netlog This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  tel:  +48 22 256 70 55; mobile: +48 784 022 612

  1. Firefighting rules. The building structure or stand parts made of combustible materials or susceptible to the easy spread of fires (wood, wicker, straw, fabric and others) should be protected with fireproof agents. The exhibitor should have the proper certificate regarding fire resistance protection — this means a Protocol of Fireproof Protection issued by an authorized person with indication of the class of fire resistance was obtained by the contractor after performing the impregnation. Additionally, it is necessary to have Technical Approval for the methods used, Certificate of Agent’ Conformation, Fire Class of Agent. If protections or documents confirming protection are lacking — the fire service operating at EXPO XXI may perform the protection on site. It costs 2.5 € per 1 m². The documents have to be in Polish or English.
  1. Safety and hygiene rules. The exhibitors are completely responsible for safety and hygiene of work performed by their employees or hired workers (no matter what is form of employment) at the Exhibition area during Assembly and Dismantling and for the duration of the Exhibition. Machines, engines and devices may be started if they are equipped with all necessary protection elements and covers that prevent access by unauthorized persons. Persons operating such equipment are obliged to possess all necessary authorizations. The exhibitor is obliged to keep his/her stand tidy at his/her own expense. Stand particles cannot pose a threat to visitors.
  1. Insurance and responsibility . The Exhibitor is responsible for the protection and safety of exhibits during stand assembly and dismantling and also while the exhibition remains open. Remaining at a stand at times outside the stated opening hours of the Exhibition is allowed only in reasonable cases after receiving written approval of the Organizer and a representative of the Security Agency responsible for the safety of areas during the exhibition. The Organizer is not responsible for any loss or damages suffered by an Exhibitor as a result of: theft, fire, flood,  windstorm, explosion, interruptions to supplies or in cases involving a force majeure.  The Exhibitor is obliged to insure exhibits on his/her own account.  Any valuable goods left on the stand must be reported to the Organizer in writing.  The Organizer shall secure protection of the Exhibition area at times outside normal opening hours.
  1. Ban on the sale and distribution of plants. We would like to remind you that sale or distribution of plants from the stands is possible only on the last day of Exhibition, that is Saturday, the 3th of September 2022 between 14.00 and 16.00. The Organizer is not responsible for the loss of goods during the sale.
  1. Illegal advertising. Please inform the Organizer's Office of people who distribute leaflets or brochures, who are not exhibitors or do not have ID proving their subscription to this service. This will help to eliminate companies that violate the want to rules of the Exhibition and take advantage of the professional relationships with our members. .
  1. Accidents. Please report about any accidents and /or dangerous situations to the Organizational Office.

If you have any questions or doubts please contact Agencja Promocji Zieleni

tel./fax (+48 22) 435 47 20, e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
prior to August 26th