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Warning against illegal activities of companies offering data and advertising

Dear Exhibitors,

Please note that Agencja Promocji Zieleni the organizer of the International Exhibitions GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND do not cooperate in any way with that companies and other similar services offering any advertising services such as:  International,Fair Directory, Fair Guide, Expo Guide, Event Fair etc.

The use of the name of the fair by these companies, our logo as well as the reference to cooperation is illegal. We have never supplied exhibitor names or lists to them and we strongly dissociate ourselves from the methods used by these companies.

These guides regularly send written offers of inclusion/advertising on their internet portal to exhibitors, who have participated in trade fairs or exhibitions. They have obtained the names of exhibitors without our knowledge or agreement and have thus unlawfully copied.

Please be aware and do not sign up or accept any documents sent by such companies! The terms of the contract hidden in the tender forms carry long-term obligations to pay amounts of several thousand euros.