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COMPETITION for the most attractive stands - WAWRZYN
at the International Exhibition Green is Life & Flower Expo Poland

The organiser of the Competition is Polish Nurserymen Association and Agencja Promocji Zieleni Sp. z o.o. – the organisers of the Exhibition Green is Life &Flower Expo Poland 2021, which will be held on 2-3-4 September 2021 at Expo XXI, Prądzyńskiego str., Warsaw, Poland.
The object of the competition is to honour the Exhibitors, who design their fair stands in a particularly attractive and inventive manner in accordance with the firm’s marketing programme and/or the slogan of the Exhibition LET’S MEET!
Participation conditions
  1. The Competition is open to all the exhibitors taking part in the exhibition Green is Life & Flower Expo Poland 2021.
  2. No registration is required.
  1. Stands will be evaluated by a Competition Jury appointed by the Organisers and made up of specialists in advertising, public relations, marketing, landscape architecture and representatives of sector media.
  2. The work of the Jury shall begin on 2nd September at 9.00 a.m.
  3. Evaluation criteria:
    - overall visual attractiveness,
    - first impression,
    - attractiveness from the point of view of an average visitor – gardening enthusiast (amateur,
    - clarity of the message – connected with the slogan of the Exhibition or the marketing objective of the exhibitor,
    - functionality and originality of the idea,
    - products display method.

    Points scale in every criterion: 1-5.

Prizes and distinction
The Jury awards Golden, Silver and Bronze WAWRZYN and distinction.

Announcement of the results
Will be announced on our website on 2nd September. Diplomas will be presented to the selected firms directly at their stands on 2nd September by a representative of the organisers.
  1. A Golden, Silver or Bronze WAWRZYN is an honorary title for the firm, whose stand has been selected.
  2. The exhibitor whose stand has been selected shall have the right to use this information for advertising purposes.
  3. Information on the stands which received awards in the Competition will be announced on