Flower Expo

"Green is Life"
 was the motto of the first Nursery Exhibition of Decorative and Fruit Trees and Shrubs, held on August 27-29, 1993 in the Crystal Hall at the Warsaw School of Agriculture (SGGW). It was organized by the newly founded Polish Nurserymen's Association (Związek Szkółkarzy Polskich) with the cooperation of SGGW. Twenty five members of the Polish Nurserymen's Association participated.

This exhibition was the first major presentation of Polish nursery production. After many years of a state monopoly in the sale of nursery material, at their own initiative, producers decided to establish direct contacts with wholesalers and store owners. The exhibition provided an overview of Polish nursery production capabilities. One of its main goals was the promotion of trees and shrubs as a significant component to healthier human environment. This was the inspiration for the "Green is life" theme. Under this proven motto, subsequent exhibitions were organized by the Polish Nurserymen's Association. 

Foreign nurserymen were first invited to the 1994 International Nursery Exhibition, under the auspices of the Dutch promotional organization - Plant Publicity Holland. In addition to plants, nursery production technology and other products were also presented. Outside the exhibition hall, sample solutions for garden arrangements, created by leading landscape architects, were on display. 

The Exhibition is intentionally scheduled around the end of August and the beginning of September - at the commencement of the fall gardening season, when the displayed plant material is at its best condition.  At the end of the normally intensive spring season, this is the right time to plan purchases and production for the next period.  It is also a good time to meet with landscape architects, gain new contacts and information.

“Green is Life” was started by plant producers themselves.  Over the years it has developed into one of their most important events in Central and Eastern Europe.  The best Polish nurseries and garden firms, along with exhibitors from several European countries participate.

GREEN IS LIFE is a recognized brand, attracting exhibitors and visitors from more than 30 countries. It has maintained its authenticity and special atmosphere belonging to people who live their passions.