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The organizers of the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE are:

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Polish Nurserymen Association
acts on the basis of the act Law on associations of April 7, 1989 (Journal of Laws No. 20, position 104) and statute. It is incorporated in the Register of Associations of the National Court Register with the number 66013. Polish Nurserymen Association was established in the autumn of 1991 by a dozen producers of nursery ornamental material. From the beginning it was assumed that the members of the association must meet high ethical and professional requirements. The association was consciously formed as a non-profit organization to facilitate the implementation of the main goals.

Leading undertaking of the association is the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE , that has been organized since 1993 in Warsaw - the largest branch event of BTB type (business to business) in Poland and Central Europe. The exhibition has a popularization role in presenting the abundance of plants, nursery achievements, novelties and inspirations, promoting the knowledge of plants and practical solutions.

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Agencja Promocji Zieleni
established in 1998 by the Polish Nurserymen Association to promote nursery production and popularize knowledge about plants and horticulture in society. Its main goals and activities include: shaping awareness about health, social, ecological, aesthetic and economic benefits resulting from plant surroundings in categories of the region, the city as well as the garden, home, terrace or balcony.
Our activities also lead to facilitating cooperation and understanding between plant producers and their recipients both at home and abroad. 

Our activities:

• INTERNATIONAL EXHIBITION "GREEN IS LIFE" - since 1998 we have been responsible for the concept and organization of the Exhibition, which for several years has been the most serious exhibition event of the nursery industry and landscape architecture in Central and Eastern Europe.

• Other exhibition events in the country and abroad: We prepare the exhibition of the Polish Nurserymen Association and its members at fairs and exhibitions - we prepare stand designs, provide service and information.

We develop and publish richly illustrated Pictures of Plant Catalogs, which are practical guides around the world of plants and gardens.

• "KATALOG ROŚLIN - Trees, shrubs and perennials recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association" - practical, illustrated huge amount of photographs guide available in Polish nurseries garden plants for amateurs and professionals, also in the Russian version.
• "ROŚLINY DO KAŻDEGO OGRODU" - 333 OGRODOWE PEWNIAKI (PLANTS FOR EVERY GARDEN - 333 THE BEST PLANTS) – recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association
• "KATALOG BYLIN (PERENNIALS CATALOG)- recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association"
• "KATALOG RÓŻ (ROSES CALALOG)- recommended by the Polish Nurserymen Association"
• "NURSERIES CATALOG" - contact details of the Association's members containing basic information about the offer of associated producers.

• We organize nationwide conferences dedicated to urban greenery, aimed at promoting positive solutions and new technologies, as well as the image of urban greenery as a value that increases the quality of life of urban residents. The conferences are addressed to city gardeners, inspectors and specialists from the Departments of Environmental Protection, Municipal and Investment, responsible for public greenery in cities and municipalities; administrators and managers of greenery in housing complexes, landscape architects, representatives of companies arranging and nurturing green areas. 
• Training - organized for sellers of garden centers and nurseries on sales and nursery products.


• Contacts and cooperation with the media - they are aimed at popularizing knowledge about plants and their application and building the image of the Polish Nurserymen Association as an expert in plant matters.
• Organization of promotional events.
• Graphic studio - graphic projects, collecting and archiving of plant photos.