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The traditional GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLSKA, held for 27 years in Warsaw were rescheduled to next year, from 2-4 September 2021.

In light of the restrictions on trade fair meetings, the organizers prepared a new formula, taking place mainly in the Internet. Under the name GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLSKA ONLINE – an information-advertising platform was created, which contains the latest listing of participating companies combined with specially prepared event program.

The 28th edition of GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND has been moved to 2-4 September 2021.
This year we will meet in an ONLINE format.

The International GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND connects producers and recipients in all sectors of ornamental horticulture.

For the 28th time, on 3-5 September 2020, we planned to meet in Warsaw.
Nevertheless, the SARS-CoV-2 virus pandemic and subsequent limitations have thwarted our plans.

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New regulations on the organization of trade fairs, introduced from June 6 this year, remain in conflict with the idea of trade fair meetings. Given our desire to ensure the safety and comfort of exhibitors and visitors to the fair and maintain the quality of the event created for many years, its organizers, the Association of Polish Nurserymen and the Agencja Promocji Zieleni, have decided that the 28th GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND edition will be carried over to next year and take place on 2-4 September 2021.

At the same time, we remain convinced that business promotion, the exchange of information and the building relationships with customers are a continuous process that does not tolerate breaks and downtime. Therefore, based on modern technologies, making use of the capital of the „Zieleń to Życie” brand and the network of contacts among participants in the trade fair companies and visitors, we will open a new format in the green industry, GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND ONLINE, offering participation to exhibitors, partners and visitors!

Through the website, participants be able to reach up to the minute information about listed companies and their product / service offers. A virtual expo catalog, with extended search functions for information, photographs and other forms of graphic presentation, will facilitate the search for information and easy contact between exhibitors and buyers. The online space will permit easy demand creation, the examination of customer behavior, responding to questions and ultimately, to take orders. The offer of participants will be available on a 24/7 basis. As part of this new edition for the event, there will be: Plant Novelties Competition, Green City conference, designer workshops, as well as floristic shows and debates on trade. Some of the events will be available in a hybrid virtual format, online and live.

We will use innovative and secure tools to permit access to the offers of exhibitors and facilitate contacts with them, as well as the sharing of knowledge to thousands of selected recipients from Poland and other countries – according to Agnieszka Żukowska, Expo Director, encouraging professionals and visitors to track the website and follow the Expo profile in social media.

International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND in Warsaw – with AIPH approval
Organized for almost 30 years by the Polish Nurserymen Association and well rooted in the international horticultural industry, the GREEN IS LIFE nursery stock exhibition, which was supplemented with the FLOWER EXPO POLAND floricultural fair in 2016, has gained a new asset recently. As the first trade fair in Poland, it has been granted the prestigious approval of AIPH (International Association of Horticultural Producers) – the association active worldwide. Consequently, this year’s 28th edition of the International Exhibition GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND, which is going to be held on 3-5th September at the Warsaw EXPO XXI, will attract the attention of an even wider spectrum of recipients.


Novelties in the field of technological and breeding achievements, top quality products, a rich program of accompanying events to the busy shows, workshops and seminars. The GREEN IS LIFE and the FLOWER EXPO POLAND culminate years of tradition and their proven formula, providing the opportunity to build direct relationships with large business potential. It is also a place where industry leaders and hobbyists come to meet, an invitation to take part in discussions, as well as an overview of the dynamic and growing strength of the “green sector of the economy.”