Flower Expo

The exhibition GREEN IS LIFE is divided into the following sections:

PLANTS - trees, shrubs and perennials;
potted and bedding plants, cut plants: seeds, bulbs

nursery material – ornamental and fruit trees, shrubs, bedding plants, bulbs, seeds, potted plants, cut plants, flowers, Christmas trees.  Ready for sale, fully grown plants and youth material, seedlings and rootstocks.


Techniques, technologies, and sales support

soils and substrates; fertilizers and plant protection products; means of nursery production; machinery and equipment for nurseries and green areas; gardening tools and implements; plant packaging and labels, pots and containers for nursery production; greenhouses and plastic tunnels; automatic irrigation systems, watering accesories; technology for nurseries and landscape architecture; services; trade, logistic, finance

Equipment for gardens, green space, terraces
and balconies

decorative articles; containers, pots; garden furniture; materials for building surfaces and small architecture; water ponds, materials for its building, accesories; lighting for gardens and landscapes; barbecues and garden chimney; technologies for gardens, gardens on roof and winter gardens; lawns; equipment of playgrounds and leisure areas; garden sculpture


Landscape architecture

design and maintainance services for gardens and green areas

Publications; media

on gardening, nursery and landscape architecture


Organizations and institution 

Flower Expo Poland 

cut flower, pot plants, floristry