For 30 years we have been connecting and developing the green industry

Because green is life!





31th Green is Life International Trade Fair • Warsaw, Polnad

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The 31th edition of GREEN is Life


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We believe that life among plants is richer – for people and for the environment.
It’s better health, a nicer landscape for the eye, and support for the climate.
Nursery plant knowledge is our unique strength. Through it, under the slogan GREEN IS LIFE, we make the world greener.

Because green is life!



International Trade Fair
For three decades of its existence, the International Trade Fair ZIELEŃ TO ŻYCIE has created a horticultural retail and wholesale market in Poland. The fair has become a permanent fixture on the calendars of industry events. This is a unique place and time when you can see the best plants offered by Polish and foreign Nurserymen. It’s a stage also for garden industries working together from different sectors of the horticultural business.
Strongly Green City Conference

The most important event accompanying the fair, dedicated to urban greenery. The conference, held in the “practitioners for practitioners” convention, has influenced the evolution of public greenery in Polish cities for 24 years. The program covers a wide range of topics from: horticultural trade, modern trends or landscape architecture issues. Among the speakers are always authorities of the green industry, including international ones.

Novelty Plant Competition

The flagship competition has been showcasing innovative plant varieties from Poland and abroad for 19 years. This initiative is like a trendsetter, always catching the attention of the general public and the media. A competition medal for the winning plant is a strong marketing support tool for the nursery.

Certificate of the Polish Nurserymen Association
The most comprehensive and flagship training for Certified Landscape Specialist.
Theoretical and practical classes in reputable nurseries and in the field. Plant knowledge from top experts. Training confirmed by exam and industry-recognized certificate
Plant Directory

First published in 2001. is a richly illustrated publication that expertly presents an assortment of the most important plant species and varieties recommended by Polish nurserymen. With the development of the Internet, the paper edition has been accompanied for several years by an electronic edition – the ‘e-catalog of plants’.
Regularly updated by the Association of Polish Nurserymen, it is a valued tool in the industry.

Flower Expo Poland

A sector dedicated to cut flowers, floristry and ornamental plants for interior decoration. In 2018, he joined the fair by expanding the plant-based exhibition offerings, collectively creating a significant event in the green industry.

Green is Life offer

we will develop green projects

we will organize a green event

  • we comprehensively implement individual and team exhibition projects at domestic and international trade fairs
  • develop display projects
  • we conduct promotion, organize logistics and stand service

we will prepare green training

  • we will develop and deliver training to the customer’s needs and specifications
  • we provide business consulting for the green industry
  • We co-organize training with industry partners

we will issue a green publication

  • coordinate the publishing process of book items and publications
  • provide conceptual support and business partner acquisition
  • we are engaged in substantive editing

We connect and develop the green industry

  • we provide professionals with a platform for business contacts
  • We support the development of the competence of the nursery industry and complementary industries
  • we educate nature lovers

Untill the GREEN IS LIFE Fair remains








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