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31th Green is Life International Trade Fair • Warsaw, Poland




5th September – Thursday

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6th September – Friday

Green City Conference

  • From grey to green – Emscher’s conversion impulses for the sustainable transformation of the Ruhr Metropolis, Dr. Stephan Treuke
  • The city gives nothing, the city only takes. Is it the same with landscape architecture? I think so, Wojciech Januszczyk, Fundacja Krajobrazy
  • Communication in the city, Dr hab. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec
  • Shaping sustainable urban settlements, dr hab. inż. arch. Monika Trojanowska
  • How to design night-time in urban green areas? Will there be lighting standards in cities of the future, Dr. inż. arch. Magdalena Zienowicz



Meet the speakers of the Green City Conference

Dr Stephan Treuke

Dr Stephan Treuke

Dr Stephan Treuke

Scientific researcher in Technical University of Dortmund. Member of World Urban Parks and the German Academy for Spatial Planning and Housing. Specialises in working on large-scale green infrastructure programmes, regional planning and urban climate change adaptation. He works as an advisor on international cooperation in European and non-European countries, focusing on integral water management solutions and transformative governance in public administration.

From grey to green - the Emscher Conversion impulses for a sustainable transformation of the Ruhr Metropolis

The Emscher river transformation project and the ‘Klima-Werk’ initiative in the Ruhr region are having a huge impact on improving the quality of life and the resilience of cities to climate change. With an investment of more than €5.5 billion since 1992, the life of the Emscher River has been restored to its natural state, eliminating wastewater discharges and creating new urban spaces. “Klima-Werk” focuses on adapting to climate change through measures such as green roofs and facades and increasing rainwater infiltration. This project not only improves living conditions, but also puts a participatory approach to regional management, which can also be a model for other areas of urban transformation.

Wojciech Januszczyk

Wojciech Januszczyk

Wojciech Januszczyk

Landscape architect, employee of the Institute of Landscape Architecture of the Catholic University of Lublin and the Department of Landscape Architecture of the AB, graduate of the School of Ecopoetics at the Institute of Reportage, owner of the design studio Krajobrazy Sp. z o.o., founder of the Krajobrazy Foundation, Supervising Inspector of Green Areas. He has served as president of the nationwide Association of Landscape Architects and is currently an honorary member of SAK. Creator of the “Garden of Dream” supporting the activities of the Ewa Błaszczyk “AKOGO?” Foundation. Participates in the Garden Festival in Bolestraszyce, where he creates his own garden realisations under the cyclical title “Protest Garden”, drawing public attention to contemporary problems related to space and landscape, as well as those resulting from climate change. He is the creator of the idea of ‘overgrowth’ in public and private spaces. He promotes the introduction of circular economy principles into landscape architecture. His commercial activities are guided by the principle “The garden is also a home”, indicating the functional character of spaces next to single-family houses. He is the artistic director of IN GARDEN – Festival of Garden Art and Public Space and the coordinator of the Landard and Folk Art Festival Etno Młyn. He is a member of the Programme Board of the magazine ‘Urban Greenery’, where he leads the series ‘Copernican Revolution’. He is also a contributing writer for the magazine “Architecture and Business”. Moderation and the “Praise of Sloth” are his goals in education and in the programming of investment processes and the use of landscaping facilities. He creates the “Gallery in the Bushes” where, through artistic activities, he tries to draw attention to the important role of intrinsic greenery in urban ecosystems.

"The city gives nothing, the city only takes. Is it the same with landscape architecture? I think so."

I invite you to reflect on how landscape architecture in the current system of linear management contributes to climate change. How we tell ourselves that it does not. How we participate in the synergy of destruction and exploitation. The city gives nothing, the city takes and we, with a smile on our face, claim that this is not the case. Can equivocation, the praise of laziness and the closed-loop economy of building investment processes reverse the direction we are heading like lemmings?

dr hab. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec

dr hab. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec

dr hab. Urszula Forczek-Brataniec

Graduate of the Krakow University of Technology, Doctor of Technical Sciences in the specialisation of landscape architecture, Professor at the Krakow University of Technology. Designer in eM4 Pracownia Architektury Brataniec in the field of public space and greenery projects. Co-author of award-winning and published projects min: Public Space nomination 2014, Landscape Architecture Europe publication 2015, Polityka Architecture Award 2021, Design Educates Award 2022), Author of landscape studies and analyses and two monographs in this field: View from the Road, Landscape in Dynamic Perception 2008, Viewed Space. View analysis in landscape planning and design 2018 (Gaudeamus Award). Secretary General of IFLA Europe since 2016-2020, Member of the Presidium of the Scientific Council of the Pieniny National Park and long-standing board member of the Society of Landscape Architecture (SAK). Curator of international exhibitions of landscape architecture: the exhibition of the Visegrad countries CLAV 2012, 2015 and the exhibition IFLA Europe 2018 and 2022. Currently Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Architecture at PK.

About communication in the city, can its space be sustainable, functional and beautiful?

The presentation will focus on urban transport. Sustainable transport in the cityscape, streets, squares, also suburban areas and the surroundings of roads as well as transfer centres. The role of communication space in the green system of the city will be discussed, all based on the example of leading realisations from around the world and our own design experience.

dr hab. inż. arch. Monika Trojanowska

dr hab. inż. arch. Monika Trojanowska

dr hab. inż. arch. Monika Trojanowska

Graduate of the Faculty of Architecture at Gdansk University of Technology and postgraduate studies in Landscape Architecture. From 2017 to 2022, she worked at the Faculty of Construction, Architecture and Environmental Engineering at Bydgoszcz University of Technology. Since 2022 she has been employed as a university professor at the Institute of Socio-Economic Geography and Spatial Management at the University of Gdansk.

Scientific interests:

therapeutic properties of cultural landscapes
search for a standard of designing eco-neighbourhoods in Poland.
Author and co-author of dozens of publications and projects in the field of architecture, urban planning and landscape design.

Key publications:

„Parki i ogrody terapeutyczne”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN Warszawa
„Ekoosiedla. Kształtowanie zrównoważonych osiedli miejskich na przykładzie doświadczeń francuskich”, Wydawnictwa Uczelniane UTP w Bydgoszczy
„Poszukiwanie standardu projektowania ekosiedli w Polsce”, Wydawnictwa Uczelniane UTP w Bydgoszczy
“Projektowanie zielonych przestrzeni publicznych”, Wydawnictwo Naukowe PWN Warszawa

Shaping sustainable urban settlements

The therapeutic properties of landscape have long fascinated researchers, designers and users. Historically, there are places famous for their beautiful landscapes and microclimates where people go to improve their health. An interesting question is how to create such places for health promotion in the city? The lecture will introduce the results of recent research. Examples of selected projects and implementations in the spaces of sustainable urban settlements – eco-settlements – will be presented.

dr inż. arch. Magdalena Zienowicz

dr inż. arch. Magdalena Zienowicz

dr inż. arch. Magdalena Zienowicz

Designer, architect, member of the Chamber of Architects of the Republic of Poland, assistant professor in the Department of Landscape Architecture at the Wrocław University of Life Sciences.

Coordinator, lecturer and workshop leader in the design of landscape architecture objects and illumination and lighting of urban areas.

Author of scientific articles and trainings on lighting and illumination in urban space, as well as an experimenter and promoter of activities against light pollution. She is a member of the international organisation LUCI (Lighting Urban Community International), which brings together designers, research institutions and cities concerned with lighting as a tool for social, cultural and economic development. She is the originator and designer of Noctours, a project to illuminate the Botanical Garden in Wrocław, which in 2022 under the name “How dark is the night?” received an international distinction in the LIT Lighting Design Awards.

Lighting standards in the cities of the future

The following topics will be addressed during the lecture:

How to arrange a nocturnal landscape ?

How do we manage night time in urban green spaces?

Are we ready to redefine the concept of light?

What will green spaces look like in future cities at night?

7th September – Saturday

Garden Creators Meeting


  • How to integrate the garden into the surroundings?, Michał Józefczak, Planea
  • The structural layer of the garden. A framework for building a composition, Dr inż. Izabela Myszka, Department of Landscape Art, SGGW
  • Pioneer plants that survive in harsh environments, Andrzej Kujawa, President of Polish Nurserymen Association
  • How to achieve a “WOW” effect in the garden?, Hubert Lamański 
  • How to create a home jungle?, Damian Kohyt 


Hubert Lamański

Hubert Lamański

Hubert Lamański

Florist, gardener, lover of plants of all kinds. Associated with nature since childhood.

Creator of the YouTube channel Hubert Lamański, where he talks about plants, gardens and arrangements.

He loves silence and especially the silence of the forest. He has been designing, making and looking after the gardens of others for many years.

Creator of the Wow!Garden project

Some achievements :

  • publishing her own book “Floral decorations” – Second in print 🙂 .
    Running a gardening channel on YT (126,000 subscribers)
  • winning the title of master florist
    nomination in the competition Florist of the year 2021 and 2022 (TOP 3)
  • publication of work in the prestigious Floral Annual book describing the 100 most talented florists of the young generation in the world
    conducting classes with children in horticulture therapy (for 12 years; as one of the first in Poland)
  • studies at the Universidad Autónoma de Barcelona (UAB)
dr inż. Izabela Myszka

dr inż. Izabela Myszka

dr inż. Izabela Myszka

Izabela Myszka works as Assistant Professor at the Department of Landscape Art, Faculty of Construction and Environmental Engineering, Warsaw University of Life Sciences. She also cooperates with the Magdalena Abakanowicz University of Arts in Poznań. Academically and didactically, she deals with topics focusing on garden art and art in the garden in its broadest sense, horticulture therapy, living in the garden, and understanding plants.

Damian Kohyt

Damian Kohyt

Damian Kohyt

Forerunner of the profession of ‘plant stylist’.

He has a broad view of the surrounding world, which dovetails perfectly with the profession of landscape and interior design. He draws inspiration from nature and man to create original spaces.

She loves travelling and loves meeting new people. She claims that talking to other people is the best inspiration for design.

When introducing plants into interiors, he combines the visual aspect with their superpowers.

His favourite plants are the forgotten and underrated ones:


In summer, he loves to explore the underwater world by snorkelling, and in winter he enjoys spending time on the slopes, skiing.

Michał Józefczak

Michał Józefczak

Michał Józefczak

Landscape architect. Since 2016 he has been running his own design studio PLANEA. Author of nearly 150 projects in the field of landscape architecture in the broadest sense: parks, markets, housing estates, streets, home gardens and terraces. Winner of the Poland Architecture XXL plebiscite in the home gardens category in 2018 and 2022. In his projects he combines his executive practice with a constant search for new solutions.

How to integrate the garden into the surroundings?

How do we find balance in garden design with reference to the surrounding landscape? What tools do landscape architects and garden designers have when creating spaces close to nature? During the lecture, I will pass on tips which guide me in my daily professional work. Constant observation of the landscape becomes a designer’s weapon in the aesthetics of space and the fight to preserve biodiversity. Where do I draw the line between craftsmanship and art? I will try to answer these questions during the lecture.

7th September

Workshops Ogólnopolskie Stowarzyszenie Twórców Ogrodów

  • Construction of concrete pots for vegetables – various forms, shapes and combinations. Paweł Barszczak, Betmar company
  •  What is permaculture – the substrate in the vegetable garden. Bogdan Kacperski, Anielskie Ogrody company
  • The art of giving water – installing irrigation in a vegetable garden. Dariusz Kaproń,Gardena brand 
  • Edible gardens – ornamental plants that can be found on a plate. Marzena Bąkowska, Arboretum Trojanów company
  • From the garden to the frying pan – organic cuisine show. Marcin Jabłoński

5-7th September





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