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GREEN is Life consists of two green organizations. Nursery experience and knowledge

Association of Polish Nurserymen
and resilient linking of the green industry
Greenery Promotion Agency


GREEN IS LIFE is a brand that unites many areas of the horticultural world. Not surprisingly, the first association with GREEN IS LIFE is a well-known cyclical event – the International Plant and Garden Exhibition. The exhibition has become a leading venture of the brand’s creators from the Polish Nurserymen’s Association. It is an association of producers of trees, shrubs and perennials, formed in the fall of 1991 by a dozen ornamental nursery stock producers.

The association had entered resiliently into the new era of market economy for Poland, grew rapidly and had clear goals. Among them were the promotion of plants and the popularization of knowledge about them, the dissemination of modern production methods, as well as the representation and defense of the interests of affiliated nurserymen.

In the three decades of the existence of the GREEN IS LIFE Exhibition, the horticultural market has evolved, and it has become part of this transformation. The event has a fixed date at the end of the vacations and an established position in the calendars of green industry professionals

Since 1993, it was the Exhibition that became the ideal forum for this, where the green industry, broadly defined, could not only meet, but also inspire and teach each other.
The organization of the Exhibition is a task to which the Polish Nurserymen’s Association in 1998 appointed the Greenery Promotion Agency Sp. z o.o. Since then, they have been operating together as two entities whose synergistic cooperation has strengthened the historical founding and ambitions of the Association.

Today and tomorrow

Just as the success of the GREEN IS LIFE Exhibition was based on the right idea and determination of the Polish Nurserymen’s Association, the international popularization of Polish greenery and the commercialization of publishing and educational activities is the result of excellent cooperation between the two entities.

Currently, the Exhibition attracts not only nurserymen, but a wide range of cooperating industries – landscape architects, city officials, urban planners, garden center owners, wholesalers, importers. Of course, there is never a shortage of true plant enthusiasts!

Naturally, the Agency’s activities were expanded to include cooperation with the media, PR activities, publishing of the industry’s highly regarded Plant Catalogs, urban greenery maintenance standards.

The agency also organizes expert training, conducted by the best possible plant-related practitioners. It also supports the Polish nursery industry by providing it with knowledge of horticultural trends, not only related to plants, but also to a better understanding of the customer, marketing or business management.

The agency supports all activities of the association, and the foundation of the message, is a unique knowledge of plants. Unique because straight from the nurserymen and signed with the seal of authority of the Association of Polish Nurserymen.

We follow the market, environmental and business changes, learn about the needs and problems of both exhibitors and visitors to the exhibition. We connect people working with greenery with each other, provide a forum for exchanging information, suggest solutions,” Joanna Filipczak, president of the Greenery Promotion Agency, said, creating a center for meeting and promoting the novelties of our industry.

Joanna Filipczak

president of the Greenery Promotion Agency

Our story


Founded Association of Polish Nurserymen. The objectives of the activity are: to represent and defend the interests of affiliated nurserymen, to promote greenery and plants and popularize knowledge of trees, shrubs and perennials, to disseminate modern production methods and the knowledge needed to run a nursery business.


This is the slogan of the first Nursery Exhibition of Ornamental and Fruit Trees and Shrubs, which was held August 27-29, 1993, in the Crystal Hall on the premises of the Warsaw University of Life Sciences in cooperation with the Warsaw University of Life Sciences. It was attended by 25 members of the Polish Nurserymen’s Association.


Foreign producers – Dutch nurserymen – were invited to make a joint presentation at the Exhibition for the first time under the banner of Plant Publicity Holland. In addition to plants, nursery production equipment and inputs were also on display. Outside the exhibition hall, examples of garden equipment created by landscape architects were arranged.



The 6th edition of the GREEN IS LIFE fair, organized on behalf of ZSzP by the Greenery Promotion Agency, gathered a record number of visitors – more than 15 thousand. people and exhibitors – 150 companies. Expanding the program of accompanying events: the exhibition and the Bonsai Poland Club or the Model Playground, where modern, colorful and safe equipment and toys were presented.


The exhibition is growing in strength, it is not only a presentation of novelties, but also a place to exchange knowledge and experience. The first conference in the series Strongly Green City, dedicated to the horticultural trade, under the theme “Garden Center – how to sell better”. Purpose: to provide expertise in planning, management, marketing in a garden center and integrate the community of traders and producers. The result: the participation of more than 300 garden center owners and employees from across the country.



At the Exhibition we celebrated the jubilee of 200 years of nursery farming on Polish soil. The book “POLISH SCHOOLMAKING 1799-1999”, published on this occasion, presents a comprehensive body of work, documents and exhibits presenting the history of nurserymen over the last two centuries. The first surviving document confirming the functioning of nurseries on Polish soil is dated 1799. Baron Larysh’s nursery catalog.


Plant Directory. Trees, shrubs, perennials is the first item on the list of Publications compiled by the Agency for the Promotion of Greenery. This is in response to the need to systematize and summarize the most important issues related to the selection of plants and care of the garden. A collection of trees, shrubs and perennials recommended by the Polish Nurserymen’s Association. This practical guide to garden plants produced and available in Poland includes: 2,680 plant portraits, tips and recommendations for selection, care and management.


Organized by the Polish Nurserymen’s Association during the International Exhibition. Its task is to promote interesting and new plant varieties on the market. The jury selects the most valuable varieties, which will make their way to the “green market” in the next seasons. This is a special opportunity to promote nurseries at home and abroad.


A new dimension of green dialogue, since March we have been on
. Our realizations coming soon also on Instagram i


The exhibition is richer with a new segment –
. Dedicated to cut flowers, greenery for interiors, floristry and decorations. The presentation of manufacturers and distributors from Poland, the Netherlands and several European countries, including South America and Africa, as well as innovative floral demonstrations attract a new and growing audience of florist owners, florists and wholesalers and distributors. (As of 2018, FEP is owned by the Greenery Promotion Agency, which acquired the rights to the brand from its existing Dutch partner BureauSierteelt.)
Current News (@flowerexpopoland).


New edition of the Plant Catalog. Trees, shrubs, perennials recommended by the Polish Nurserymen’s Association. The premiere of the catalog (expanded to include 600 plants) took place at the Green is Life Exhibition. The portfolio now includes: “Plant Catalog. Trees, Shrubs, Perennials”;” Catalog of Perennials. Flowers, grasses and ferns”; “Plants for every garden”; “Green city. Greenery by the streets”; “Catalogue of Roses.”


The 25th anniversary was celebrated with flair: the novelty of the Wholesale Plant Sales Platform – Greenery, the Bonsai Show exhibition. 16,860 guests including 7,037 professionals from 40 countries (the first two days were for trade visitors). The slogan , “Breathe Green,” drew attention to the ecological and social benefits of surrounding yourself with plants. 2017 includes: 200 ZSzP members (25 members in 91′), the 7th edition of the Landscape Architect’s Day (among the invited guests Martha Schwartz, John Brookes, or Chris Beardshaw), 16 editions of the Green City Conference, attended by nearly 2,500 people. professionals.


The Greenery Promotion Agency works closely with the ZSzP association and its member nurserymen. For more than 20 years, he has been building a knowledge base and expert contacts with top plant specialists, academics and practitioners. It is active in organizing trade fairs and exhibitions, training courses. Start of the training cycle –
Polish Nurserymen’s Association Certificate – Greenery Specialist
. Improving professional skills, dedicated to green space contractors and representatives of authorities responsible for them, as well as green space administration staff.



The International GREEN IS LIFE & FLOWER EXPO POLAND Exhibition, is the largest and most interesting presentation of plants and gardens in Poland. Nearly 300 exhibitors from 11 countries, including Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Denmark, Italy, Belgium, Slovakia, France, Lithuania, Kenya and the USA. During the 3 days, the fair was visited by visitors from 38 countries, a total of 15,000 people, including 7,025 industry professionals (60% were owners and managers). – 27th edition – The 20th edition of the National Conference Strongly Green City brought together 320 people responsible for the creation and maintenance of greenery from 98 cities and municipalities – The Knowledge for Producers seminar with the topic of new regulations on plant passporting was attended by 200 nurserymen and horticulturists – The NEW Plants Competition, entries of 33 new varieties



Creating an ONLINE information and advertising platform – COMPANY VISITS, PRODUCT CATALOG, EVENTS online!



The year 2021 passed under the slogan Let’s meet! After a year’s absence, the exhibition returned to stationary mode. Despite the smaller scale of the event, there was a cheerful atmosphere among the exhibitors and the many visitors who were happy to return to face-to-face human contact and the opportunity to see plants and other products “live.” The optimism – so clearly palpable at the show – was certainly also related to the great economic climate that prevailed in the industry.

The fair was attended by 150 companies from Poland, the Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark and Italy.

The exhibition was visited by 4917 professional visitors from Poland and 30 other countries plus 5,000 garden enthusiasts.

The audience of the exhibition also expanded to include people who could not visit the fair “in real life.” Nearly 8 hours of coverage from the “Green is Life” Fair Studio – interviews with exhibitors and presentations of plant novelties – have so far been viewed on social media channels and YouTube by 6710 people (as of September 7)


We believe that life among plants is richer – for people and for the environment.
It’s better health, a nicer landscape for the eye, and support for the climate.
Nursery plant knowledge is our unique strength. Through it, under the slogan GREEN IS LIFE, we make the world greener.

Because green is life!

Meet the team


Joanna Filipczak

Joanna Filipczak

President of the Greenery Promotion Agency

She gives direction and ties up all the activities. Her world is about ideas and visions and how to bring them to life.

Graduate of landscape architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Boguslawa Kowalska

Boguslawa Kowalska

Manager for the company. sales

She coordinates the organization of Green is Life and is responsible for the program of accompanying events and exhibitors from the departments – domestic equipment and horticultural technology and technique. She is involved in national regional fairs. She likes to calculate and control.

Graduate of Horticulture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.



Ewa Owsianik-Łuczak

Ewa Owsianik-Łuczak

Manager for the company. training and key customers

Organizes and coordinates training and group foreign appearances at other trade fairs. On Green is Life has plant producers from the country and the world under its care. She knows the green industry inside out and will answer any customer concerns.

Graduate of Landscape Architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.


Agnieszka Witych

Agnieszka Witych

Specialist in the field. administrative

She is responsible for accounting and human resources and supports the team in billing, calculations or confirmations. She manages an online store. She enjoys and values direct contact with customers.

A graduate of the Higher School of Economics in Warsaw.

Sylwia Rutkowska

Sylwia Rutkowska

Graphic designer

She is responsible for the visual side of the communication of the Agency’s activities – mailings, advertisements, newsletters, banners and folding publications.

A graduate of the Higher School of Arts in Warsaw.

Katarzyna Augustyniak

Katarzyna Augustyniak

Specialist in the field. sales and publications

At the Green is Life trade fair, she has the departments of equipment, technology and foreign technology and Flower Expo Poland under her supervision. She edits texts and handles graphics with ease and pleasure while doing publishing and PR projects.

Graduate of landscape architecture at the Warsaw University of Life Sciences.

Meet the team


Authorities of the Polish Nurserymen Association

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