Participation in the competition is a chance not only to promote their realizations, but also Polish cities in the European arena. If you are a representative of the green industry and are involved in its development, you would like your project to resonate in Europe, do not miss the 3rd edition of the competition!

The 3rd edition of the competition is already at the halfway point. We continue to look for inspiring urban green spaces that fit into the framework of the Green City of Europe. We believe that good urban design practices are worth promoting, so we remind you of the upcoming deadline for submissions! We are waiting for contenders for the award only until July 30!

Konkurs jest częścią kampanii Zielone Miasto Europy (More Green Cities for Europe), w której uczestniczy trzynaście krajów UE dążących do zwiększenia wykorzystania roślin w przestrzeniach zurbanizowanych dla dobra społeczności, środowiska, klimatu, a także na rzecz rozwoju gospodarczego aglomeracji. In the first place, it is a matter of convincing decision-makers – that trees, shrubs, parks, gardens are part of the urban fabric not only necessary from a natural and architectural point of view, but also a cost-effective solution, evidence of forward-thinking business thinking.

In our country, the project is implemented by the Polish Nurserymen’s Association – an organization that has established itself as the local expert on greenery and related issues.

Who can enter the competition?

Each of the 13 European countries participating in the Green Cities campaign can submit their best implementations. The jury at the national level will select a project that has a chance to stand out at the international level. The winning implementation at the European level will be awarded an honorary Green Cities Europe Award trophy, and the award ceremony will be held in the winter of 2023 in Brussels.

What should the realizations submitted to the competition look like? These can be spaces of neighborhood green spaces, school gardens, small and large city parks, playgrounds, squares, promenades. Their key differentiator, however, must be greenery, which stimulates biodiversity, offsets the effects of climate change, and influences the health and well-being of urban residents.

Recruitment of the 3rd edition continues until July 30, 2023
The initiator can be any person associated with the project, but the submitter can only be the developer. The projects must be completed and put into operation after January 1, 2018. The form, filled out in English, along with photos, should be sent by 30.07.2023. via email:… Participation in the competition is free of charge.

Award-winning projects promote investors, but are also an excellent promotional opportunity for designers, contractors, nurserymen and entire municipalities and cities. Don’t wait until the last minute, send your application today and take part in the competition.

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The @Polish Nurserymen’s Association and @Green is Life invite you to participate in the contest.